Designing your own color. Inspired by nature. 

Clarion Hotel Stavanger
Rom: Dialog
Form; a workshop of 3 hours
Amount of participants 12.
Content; Inspired by nature, students will first start to mix fibers in order to make new colors that match their natural source. (Note; if students are able to spin their own yarn, I encourage them to bring their small spinning equipement in order to turn the collected fibre into small amounts of yarn)
After this first exercise we will practice with a matrix mixing 5 colors of yarn and knitting a small swatch with these colors.
Pris: 500 kr for medlemmer av Stavanger strikk og drikk fra klokken 12 den 20.mars til klokken 17 den 30.mars.
Standardpris: 550 kr + gebyr til Hoopla fra klokken 12 den 1.april.