Loret Karman

An Amsterdam based colorist, designer and maker of color, who own’s the knitting and dyeing academy “De Amsterdamse Steek” (www.deamsterdamsesteek.eu

Is she an artist, maker, teacher or designer? That depends on the situation you meet her in. Trained in textiles in the early “80 by Miep Spee, Nel Rol, Fenny Nijman and Wooz Lutz she has since then been developing her skills mainly in the aspects of color and hand knitting. Confronted with a yarn box that was owned by Vincent van Gogh changed her way of colorstudy and understanding of the interaction of color in an important way. Although Vincent never left any instruction about his box of yarn behind, the reconstruction of this box for the Van Gogh Museum has made her understand the depth of information textile lovers can achieve by using this system of color mixing. 

Loret Karman is a hidden secret, who has not published her methods yet, but is found world wide by designers, musea and artists for her knowledge of color. A comment that you will find often from participants of one of her lectures or masterclasses? “If you see she is teaching in you neighborhood, go check her out.” The promise she makes to her students “after this class you will never look at color in the same way again as before” 

You can follow her day to day life on Instagram by searching for «Loret Karman»


Monica Haga har vært på ukekurs med fargelære for strikkere med Loret. Det var inspirerende og morsomt. Så har du interesse for farger og trenger en liten utfordring på ditt fargevalg- dette kan være noe for deg.

Arrangementer av Loret Karman

lørdag 21.okt

  • Rom: Dialog   Form; a workshop of 3 hours Amount of participants; 12 Content; Picking colors for a bigger project is always a bit scary. Some people love it, some people stick to the color choices of a particular designer. Many knitters always pick their same favorite colors. Other knitters get disappointed with their colorchoises…
  • Rom: Dialog   Form; a workshop of 3 hours Amount of participants 12. Content; Inspired by nature, students will first start to mix fibers in order to make new colors that match their natural source. (Note; if students are able to spin their own yarn, I encourage them to bring their small spinning equipement in…
  • Hvor: Scenen Loret will Give us a presentation about the box of yarn v. Gogh used to work with in order to predict the interaction of color before he put the colors on canvas. The box was found in his studio in Paris after he died en became a topic of research while preparing an…

søndag 22.okt

  • Rom: Dialog   Form; a workshop of 6 hours Amount of participants; 12 Undervisningsspråk er engelsk. Content; Working with a table full of 400 balls of yarn in various colors we will start by looking and picking colors in a way that helps you think out of your color-comfortzone. Just for this one workshop you…