Inserting a zipper

Clarion Hotel Stavanger

For many knitters zippers are really scary, while they are actually quite manageable with a few little tricks – and honestly, doesn’t a zipper in a cardigan or sweater collar look nice and stylish?
I’ll show you a simple nifty technique for adding a zipper to the open edge of a garment. This can be worked on a practice piece or on a real garment.

Nivå: Lett

You should be able to knit and purl, as well as pick up stitches from an edge.

For this class there will be a little homework which you will receive a few weeks before the event. This homework shouldn’t take longer than an hour to complete, so it can even be done spontaneously in the evening before the class.

Please also bring a separable zipper, sewing needle, sewing thread, and matching yarn and knitting needles for your prepared piece.

Participants will receive a summary as a PDF file after the class.

Pris: kr 350,-